Reaxxion Fliers

A reaction test. a fancy one.

project info

Project canceled
author(s)- kyros
language- TIBasic
made for- TI 83 family
what it does- it's a shooter similar to galaxian except that instead of moving, your ship is shunted around the lower edge of the screen. when you press the fire button, it fires, and the enemy advances. once they get past a certain point you are automatically damaged. you get a point times difficulty mulitpliers (enemy health level, ship fire strength, reaction time) for each ship destroyed.

get it!

project is currently dead. no getting it.

graveyard info

official date of death- 1/2/08
why it died- The initial plan was to keep track of enemies using matrices, but that slows things down when used a lot. Kyros didn't feel like searching for a way to optimize it.
any other comments- Oh, and he hated the name.

undead info

official date of resurrection- not resurrected
new author (if applicable)-
any other info on the original-

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