Mechas Robo

Mechas Robo is a cross-platform future fantasy game based on mech fights. The game was started in early 2007 and has since come to be the second real BlueDevs project. The revolves around a mech pilot driven deep into depression destroyed his memories.

Cover Art


Currently the only cover art has been created by BlueDevs's TechWizrd. A larger high-definition version of this image can viewed at his DeviantArt page.

Original Game Concept and Idea

Reportedly, burningsack and TechWizrd had originally been looking at burningsack's Super Robot Tyson for the Nintendo DS when TechWizrd suggested that Blue Devs make a mech game similar to it. Originally no storyline was planned, but later TechWizrd decided it would be in their best interest to make an involving storyline.


The Mechas Robo project has had several different storylines developed, but this one is largely accepted. Mechas Robo is started in medias res with the currently developed game being the second in the series . This storyline was developed jointedly first by TechWizrd, expanded on by Bobtheferret, and then expanded on even more be TechWizrd.

Note: This was copied verbatim from Bobtheferret's post.

Your team, Red Dragon, was the best mech team in the league for several years. They were also a bunch of greedy, amoral… Their lead pilot at the time, John Doe (I'm generally bad at writing names), had never been defeated in a single match… until he was defeated. (Whee!) Mr. Doe became severely depressed and started attempting illegal mech experiments. He had almost finished work on new and very very illegal implants that let him control his mech with his mind (not dissimilar to mine in GURPS)… when the fuel tank (of the mech) exploded. Mr. Doe was very nearly killed. His brain was damaged and he lost all of his memories. His brain would have found itself incapable of thought… if it weren't for a certain device surgically attached to his forehead, augmenting the brain's near-dead thought patterns.

Red Dragon, upon finding their team member in such a state, were about to throw in the towel, call in their pilot as 'dead, killed in illegal accident, try not to tarnish our reputation too much' when said pilot decided to stand up and ask who he was. This was quite stunning to his team members, who saw that his skull was surprisingly compressed for him to be talking, and that one doesn't usually see that pinkish spongy stuff inside a head. They very nearly decided to kill him (again) when one of his team members (currently the team leader – a break with tradition, usually the pilot is the team leader) decided that he couldn't lose. He hypothesized that if they could pass off the implants as medical devices necessary for survival (which they were, at that point) and grease the right palms, then he could still play. There was no problem with his being recognized as the old pilot, he suggested, because half his face was burnt off. Why put the old one back on?

Fast-forward two years. Red Dragon has greased the right palms, and more importantly, John Doe, now Joe PC, is ready to climb into a mech once again. But the team doesn't like him quite so much now. They've had him on the team as dead weight for two years now. And all the bribes they had to shell out are costing them a fortune. The answer? Exploit him, win, and profit.

(This is the prelude. Of course, Joe PC does not find out about his origin until late in the game…)

Read the thread for the rest of the plot. Techy's initial plotline post fits right into this story, and of course read MY other posts on plot…

And now for the ending:

Fast-forward (again) a year. [Past most of the storyline.] Joe PC is now the second-best pilot in history. He's won the tournament (yes, Burningsack), and run an undefeated streak only paralleled by John Doe himself… But the team, looking for MORE PAYOUT, NOW!, has engaged Joe PC in several shadier ventures. He has stolen information from other teams' hangars (even entering another team's hangar is taboo) for his team's strategic use. But from these things, and various other in-game clues, he figures out the start to his adventure (the three OTHER paragraphs of story?) and confronts his team's leader about it. He confesses, tells him all about it with a smirk on his face. Enraged, Joe PC jumps in his mech and charges the rest of his team, who jump in the OTHER mechs. [Boss battle!] Upon victory, though, Joe PC realizes he cannot possibly stay in town. He's ruined his life with Red Dragon, and with Red Dragon against him, so is the Mechas League (no more greased palms) and the rest of the world. So he blasts a hole in the town walls with his mech, and… leaves, to live out a nomad's life in the desert until he dies. At least, that's the plan…

Alternately, we might want to leave Game 1 (this plotline) until AFTER Game 2 (like Star Wars did, although to much booage because the first three were written much more poorly) because this is a very heavy, gloomy, serious plot. Playing it will be like watching a train wreck, except you control the trains. Game 2, by its very nature (nomad in the desert joins resistance and topples evil monolith that grew out of old, Game 1 evil), is much simpler and a lot less serious and dark. (again, not dissimilar to Star Wars) The trouble will be writing it without blatantly spoilering the prelude to Game 1. (Being successful here, coincidentally, will introduce another of the problems Star Wars people find in Episodes I, II, and III - they look like they were written after the originals, which, while they probably were, George Lucas claims they weren't.)

Originally, 'Techy' had posted this:

Well, I'm thinking that the storyline should be something along that the town of ___ has an arena, mayor's office, parts store, your hangar, and a battle stadium. Mechs are only allowed to fight in the arena. There are mecha teams. You would be the pilot for a certain team. The team tells you to sabotage a certain team's mechs. You sabotage them. You are then asked to spy on them. You do a few spy missions. During one of the spy missions, you find that your team has been using you to do illegal stuff behind their back. They were trying to get that "abombinable AI" behind bars. You think they are trying to get your mech scrapped. When you confront them, they smirk and confess you are an illegal AI. During one of their expirements they were trying to make the ultimate pilot. Something went wrong and your mech's AI became your brain and your mech gained your real intelligence. Being an abombination, they wiped your memory, made you out to be an orphan and "adopted" you. They then forced you to become their pilot and made bets behind your back to get rich. You, being enraged, jump in your mech and then charge them. Thus beginning a boss battle. After you win, if you do, the game ends, leaving room for a sequel. Between missions you will have plenty of time to train in the arena and do fights in the battle stadium.

So, how do you like the story? In the sequel, nevertheless, you would be kicked out of the city and the same guys that you beat at the end of the first game would make a hostile takeover of the city. Then, you would join the underground and try to take the city back.

Characters and Organizations


Well, Techwizrd has decided his name is not going to be John Doe or Joe PC. He has suggested the name should be Ray Blitz.

Mr.Pilot was doing illegal expirements to control his mech when the fuel tank exploded because a rush of electricity from the brain. His memories were erased and left residual marks. A stimulating device keeps his brain alive. His head has been rebuilt out of old mech parts. His eyes are missing so they have been replaced with visual sensors and are protected by strong black and blue goggles. His body has been enhanced by the cybernetic technology and left him many times stronger than steel and about 1.5 times faster than average humans.

Desert Nomads

The Desert Nomads aree a group of nomadic people who follow the coming and going of the various Oasis. They know about the city, but are content with their nomadic life. Although the have technology, it is rustic and Nomads prefer to prove themselves in the desert with minimum use of their sparse technology.

Red Dragon

A mech that use to be very succesful until their pilot left their team due to alienating Red Dragon and the Mechas League.

Mechas League

Mechas League is the organization the plans, organizes, and host the mech fighting tournaments and competitions.

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