this page displays all projects done and being done. if you have one, please add it.

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Not Completed

This part , as the name implies, is for all projects not finished.

project name author description
battlestar-galactica-mmog astropirate Online Game based on Hit T.V Show
Bobagotchi Kyros Tomagotchi parody for TI
Katana Linux Techwizrd A development distribution
Megas Robo Techwizrd/BurningSack future fantasy game based on mech fights


By that logic, this section is for the finished ones.

project name author description
Kitty BobtheFerret a dino-age kitty care game
teh radnom 2uiz Mepiles teh draq a quick, horrible, random flash quiz
Ragdoll Rampage MushroomDude a quick blender game, with ragdoll-physics!


This section applies to any set of programs that are linked together in a collection/series-ish manner. Due to the different completion times of parts, this section was created to link to collection "hub" pages.

central page author other info
attributes Kyros a small series of (source only) calculator games. BECAUSE I CAN.
DMHT DMHT devs Includes DMHT, CharGen, OSORT, as well as any registered DMHT project

user Junkyards

This section lists user "junkyards," which are basically where old/unimportant and completed projects can go.

link author other info
Jesin's junkyard Jesin (no, really?) Jesin's old stuff. he goes overboard.
SK junkyard Solaris Key SK's old junk. the first (and only?) junkyard.


And, finally, the graveyard. this is where failed (or never completed) projects go. anything in here is fair game for revival. by everyone, everywhere, anyhow, anyway, any will, anyday.

project name author description
Reaxxion Fliers Kyros a (dead) reaction-based galaxian-ish shooter
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