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This game is going to be based on the Super Awsome tv show Battlestar Galactica. I have allways wanted to work on this project but It wasnt possible becouse i didnt have enough experiance programing. I am proposing that we take this on! it will hope fully be very fun and i am hopeing, will inrich us all by learning from each other. I have been thinking allot and i was thinking we should do some thing no one has ever done befor, We are going to make this a directx10 Game for pc. if you are unfamiliar with the show, i suggest you got to youtube and look it up. I am sure you will fall in love with it.

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language- C/C++, Directx10

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Now i am sure you are all going to say "so wat is new…….." "Whats so special about this?" Well what i am going for is a game That is meant to be played online. If you watch the video that i have posted below you will see that no game has ever been made like this. This is going to be online play on crack. I mean i am thinking of having around 150-200 people on each server and dog fighting like crazy. I also don't intend on making a game that is only one kind: Jet fighting. So to equal it out, I was thinking that we could also fight on the ground. have maps that are on the ground just like the show.

That is what is going to make make this game special, Huge amounts of players on each servers with kick ass graphics and physics. We already have allot of our work done for us. Things such as coming up with characters, maps, weapons, ships, sound effects, Battle strategies things like that…


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