Solaris Key

Solaris Key is the unofficial project name for the bipolar-ish user that controls the accounts Kyros the Hedgehog and Mephiles the Dark.

Oh, and he wrote this page.


preferred language- TIBasic, Python
bailiwick- games
chosen OS- Windows XP
chosen graphics editor- MS paint/Inkscape
chosen web browser- Firefox
chosen pie- chicken pot or fruit


current projects

Kyros is currently working on a project known as "Bobagotchi," a TI spoof of Tomagotchi.

Mephiles' current projects are:

  • project "D" (refuses to talk about)
  • improving flash skillz.

completed projects

The following form SK's "junkyard" section

  • "Hero/Escape" (TIBASIC)
  • "Krabby Battle Arena Engine 4.0" (TIBASIC)
  • "attributes" mini-series (TIBASIC, source only)

other SK trivia

  • Mephiles fails at writing the word radn rad random
  • SK advocates the use of a "junkyard" section of all the horrible or outdates or old programs a user has made. if this ever becomes popular, he would like to announce to the world he started the concept on BD.
  • He used to simply be a user called SegachtekTheOmnipotentPencil. that really pushed the forum borders.
  • he eats Spam. a lot.
  • Mephiles was the first poster in the new forum


Both accounts bear an avatar based off of sprites of Shadow the Hedgehog. Mephiles' avatar looks much like Mephiles in "Sonic the Hedgehog." The Kyros avatar is a red/blue/green (changes every 10 seconds) hedgehog with a gold headband and blue eyes.

Both accounts bear similar signatures. Both characters are on the signature, and each has its own message:
Kyros-"We are who we choose to be" (spider-man reference)
Mephiles-"I am all of me" (reference to game Shadow the Hedgehog)


He doesn't want to talk to you. go post on the forums if you care that much.

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