There are a number of categories on the bluedevs wiki for organizing and storing content. Please note, a page cannot be in more than one category and the category cannot be changed after creation.

How to use categories

To create a page named "megasrobo" in the category "pros", in your url bar, you would type in "" (without all those quotes of course).

How to create a category

It is very easy to create a category. If I wanted to create a page called megasrobo in a new category called "proj", I would create a page called "proj:megasrobo". The category will automatically be created.

List of Categories

Here is a list of ones you are allowed to use. There are others, but those are system categories and no one should mess with those.

This category is a category where pages of information related to Computer Security Advice should go. Please talk to tecwizrd before adding a page here.
This category is used to store a little page for each and every developer on the bluedevs team. The pages must follow the dev template. In addition to that, they must be linked to in nav:top under Developers using the appropriate notation.
Info is an information category containing pages such as this one so that possible contributors may read them and conotribute in a positive manner on the bluedevs wiki.
Bluedevs, as well as user projects, get their own special page here. If you think a project needs its own category (like PyTut), then discuss it with techwizrd. Bluedevs projects must get linked to in nav:side and nav:top in the appropriate places. User project pages must be added to the list in proj:main so that they are accessible to other users and viewers.
PyTut is a special category for a community written Python tutorial to be written. it must be noob friendly. Please talk to techwizrd for more information if you would like to help out.
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