TechWizrd is the leader, founder, and main programmer for bluedevs. He started BlueDevs on October 11, 2006. He chooses not to disclose his habits or personal life to bluedevs, due to the fact that he doesn't have one.


preferred language- Python, C++
bailiwick- useful programs/games
chosen OS- Ubuntu Linux
chosen graphics editor- GIMP/Inkscape
chosen web browser- Firefox/curl


current projects

TechWizrd is currently a part of OSORT, Contracts, Circus Symphony, Megas Robo, and Katana Linux project.

other techwizrd trivia

  • Techwizrd makes the official Bluedevs web comic.
  • TechWizrd wants the world to know has been programming since about 2002.
  • Most of his programs have not been released to the public and were created for his own use only.
  • He has skills. Mad ninja skills.
  • He first got the name techwizrd when thinking of a screenname as he was logging on to IRC for the first time. Previous screennames are: Spiny2004, Spiny2005, DarkSpiny, SpinyRose, MangaFreakRose, and BluePenguin001. He would like to be called 'Techy' by his friends and fellow developers.


His avatar is a penguin with his calligraphic symbol on it.

his signature is a penguin with the bluedevs site and motto ("do you penguin?") on it.

both are presumably tributes to Linux


Email: ten.svedeulb|ajnineht#ten.svedeulb|ajnineht
AIM: tekbdev
SKYPE: techwizrd
BDForum: techwizrd
IRC: techwizrd;
DeviantArt: techwizrd
OpenID: Feed: http:/

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