profile: BobTheFerret

BobTheFerret is an admin of Bluedevs.


preferred language- Java
bailiwick- BAN!zooka range.
chosen OS- UNIX(Mac OS X or Debian Linux depending on mood)
chosen graphics editor- Usually Photoshop Elements.
chosen web browser- WebKit


current projects

DMHT , Megas Robo

completed projects


other BobTheFerret trivia

  • BobTheFerret is the main operator of the BANzooka
  • BobTheFerret was the only user besides Techwizrd to be registered on the current board before 2008


His avatar features a sheep being abducted by a UFO
His signature features a green light shining over Earth, overlaid by his name and some semi-transparent chevrons.


None available. PM through board.

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