Bluedevs has always revolved mainly around its forum. It is the online meeting place, where pretty much everything gets done.

early days

The first forum Bluedevs (then called "Blue Penguin Development Team") had was an IPB (Invision Powered Board). Techwizrd states it was created October 11, 2006. Many of the admins joined this board early on, including BobtheFerret (Techwizrd persuaded him into being the second member), MushroomDude (five days later), and Jesin (a month later), as well as several people who eventually became mods.

Techwizrd and BobtheFerret especially enjoyed messing with CSS and Skins on the IPB board. To quote Techwizrd:

Bobtheferret and I messed around the CSS mostly, changing the colors of the background, the text, the links, and me adding homemade crosshair cursors to the board. Then I found out how to make skins. And where to get other skins. BPDT changed skins all the time. Very disconcerting for everyone… Heheh…

The board bore the name "," which Techwizrd bought from Yahoo! in December of that year to use. The elegance of the domain name made them eventually shorten the team name to "Bluedevs"

a new forum

Techwizrd moved the forum to a PHPBB board. He found it had "few options and it was very uncustomizable and hard to Admin." He moved to a new one a few days later.

…back to Invision

Techwizrd moved the board to the InvisionFree system. The new forum opened its metaphorical doors shortly before the 6 month anniversary of Bluedevs. The new board was dubbed 'The Third Age of Blue Devs' by Cade Shadow.

Techwizrd says this about the IF board:

We roleplayed alot, flamed,had various arguements, and had a great time. We went really in depth with just designing the story line and the characters for Mega Robo and I introduced my pet project of Katana Linux.

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ringing in '08

shortly before the end of 2007, Techwizrd provided a sample of the new Invision Zetaboards system (named "klucktest"). He polled the general Bluedevs population on their willingness to move to ZetaBoards. A three to none vote persuaded him to move the board once more. The forum is the system currently being used.

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